35 Reasons the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is the Ultimate Outdoor Vehicle (Pictures)


If you are an avid fan of the outdoors then you know that very few vehicles are as capable as the Jeep Wrangler when it comes to off-road adventures.  The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in particular has exploded in popularity since the 4 door model became available in 2007.  The Jeep unlimited matches plenty of space with balance, looks and top level off road capability right off the assembly line.

While there are plenty of capable trucks and SUV’s, few vehicles can match the following that the Jeep brand has.  Add in the limitless ways you can modify your Jeep and you have an awesome utility vehicle that’s basically like one big Lego set for adults.  Jeeps are the perfect off-road vehicle no matter what adventure you are planning on taking.  They are amazing in the desert, over rocks, in the forest, through dirt, and as you’ll see from some pictures below, they are even rock solid going through water (as long as you aren’t flooding the engine bay).

One of the primary points of the versatility of the Jeep Unlimited happens to be how many different ways it can come equipped.  Hardcore outdoor enthusiasts will love the 4 door option with half doors and a soft top which is primed to roll through perfect weather outdoors.  Someone who might be more of a weekend warrior could easily choose a hard top with full metal doors and be a little more comfortable with some added creature comforts on the inside of the vehicle like leather seats and an automatic transmission.

Enough yammering on from us, below you will see 35 reasons why the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is filled with pure awesomeness.

Photo via Creative Commons by Jim Pennucci

Above is the what we like to call the “Big Green Monster.” This Jeep is fully customized for offroad adventures.

3849487474_7e7743bdc1_bPhoto via Creative Commons by Jim Pennucci

Another shot of the Big Green Monster, you can tell it’s been lifted, has larger tires and wheels as well as other mods.

12533177834_993427d3e8_kPhoto via Creative Commons by Scubabrett22

The Silver Jeep above looks like it’s in it’s very own natural element off-road in the snow.  The light bar is a nice touch.

14185799584_f18ba6647f_kPhoto via Creative Commons by Scubabrett22

Love the transformers badge.  This jeep looks right at home in the forest.

14208691277_8191152041_kPhoto via Creative Commons by DavidJoe

Some Jeeps were born to be desert rats.  This one looks like it’s playing the role nicely.  Jeeps were made to be driven with the doors off.


Nothing like a great afternoon by the lake to setup your weekend.

15604335038_f382115586_kPhoto via Creative Commons by Scubabrett22

This Jeep has been customized with cut fenders in the front to help improve the articulation of the front tires when it’s off-road.

15604577397_f1662c635f_kPhoto via Creative Commons by Scubabrett22

The top light bar is a nice touch for those that life in areas where it’s not very well lit, especially if you are off-roading at night.

15787879531_de0e9e3007_kPhoto via Creative Commons by Scubabrett22

The front bumper has been shaved to allow for greater flexibility off-road – it’s a beast.

16437652404_c426a446f2_kPhoto via Creative Commons via BigMikeSndTech

This 2015 Rubicon looks amazing just as it is.  The sunset orange color goes great with the gunmetal grey stock Rubicon wheels.

dreamstimelarge_43490809There’s almost no mountain or hill that’s off limits when you are off-road in a JK Unlimited (The 2007 – 2015 models are known as JK’s)

dreamstimelarge_43606480Nothing like stopping for an afternoon picnic on the water.

dreamstimelarge_43679908The high desert usually begs for a little adventure, this Jeep looks to answer the calling.

dreamstimelarge_43680072While most people would be turning around, this JKU is taking on the river in full force!

dreamstimelarge_43680100Rock climbing is a specialty that most JKU models have no problem attempting.

dreamstimelarge_43709392This is probably one of our favorite pictures.   Absolutely awesome outdoor landscape and a perfect reason to own a Jeep, no matter what country you live in.

dreamstimelarge_44476041Jeeps love to go coastal!  This epic view is just another example of where we’d like to spend any afternoon.

dreamstimelarge_46044234Jeep off-road caravans are extremely popular.  Jeep clubs across the US will often setup places to go together off-road and help each other out.

dreamstimelarge_46044421More pictures of the caravan – we’d love to be a part of it!

dreamstimelarge_47502725Dirty Jeeps just flat out look cool.

dreamstimelarge_47504707While we would never advocate potentially flooding an engine, this is something we’ve always wanted to try!

dreamstimelarge_47504715Perfect place to setup for a lazy afternoon.

dreamstimelarge_48003769Again, Jeeps absolutely love to go coastal!  We’d love to be there right now!

dreamstimelarge_48003772Just a little mud, trip – no big deal!

dreamstimelarge_48432946Just a big enough of a river to give the Jeep a nice bath!

dreamstimelarge_48432962Nothing like taking a little hike once you get to your destination.

dreamstimelarge_51799459Winter water driving can be scary, but it’s just another day at the park for your average Jeep.

dreamstimelarge_52393898Looks like a perfect place to camp out for the evening!

dreamstimelarge_52737964Some of the more aggressive trails are pretty easily traversed by the Wrangler Unlimited.

dreamstimemedium_32933966Playing in the water is always a good idea as long as it’s not too deep!

dreamstimemedium_40577142Jeeps love to go to the beach, especially in areas of Baja and coastal Mexico.

jeep wranglerThis Jeep is seeing some serious duty up in Alaska.

Jeep WranglerThis Jeep looks to be having a blast taking on some high desert mountains.

Jeep Wrangler in the desertWhy not go out and play in the REAL desert?  Jeeps are perfect companions in off-road areas like Glamis.

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