Three Great Options for Cheaper Survival Knives


According to experts, it’s wise to own a fixed blade survival knife, a folding blade survival knife and a multi-tool survival knife if you’re spending time in the wilderness.

For camping, hunting, fishing or hiking, each knife will serve its purpose. For building camp fires, for building a make-shift shelter, for hunting or fishing, survival knives are a must have.

There are cheap knives on the market today and the following survival knives are recommended for both quality and affordability.

Fixed Blade Survival Knives:

The Magnum Elk Hunter Knife, made by Boker, is durable and is . You will want a non slip grip and this survival knife has one. The Magnum Elk Hunter has a 440 stainless steel blade that measures 4 1/3″ in length. The total length from handle to the tip measures 8 1/2″. This knife has a lanyard hole in the handle with a brass-lined insert and it comes with a leather sheath. It should serve you well as a good quality wilderness survival knife. Excellent for chopping up wood for building a campfire or for chopping wood to be used for a make shift shelter, for hunting or fishing, the Magnum Elk Hunter will do the job you need it to.

Folding Blade Survival Knives:

The Ka-Bar Mule folding knife is affordable and it is durable. It has a 3 1/4″ blade and measures just over 9″ when open. It is great for those who prefer a traditional lock-back mechanism that can easily be opened with one hand. The Ka-Bar Mule knife can be used with a sheath or without as its weight is 8 oz. It comes with a stainless steel blade or you can choose the optional black teflon coated blade. Its handle is made of zytel with Kraton inserts which gives it a better grip, and it is available in 3 colors, desert tan, hunter green or black.

Multi-Tool Survival Knives:

Owning a  is much like owning a small tool kit which every camper, fisherman or hunter should have. This knife can easily be carried in your pocket or if you would like a sheath, it does come with one. The SOG Power Lock knife blade is stainless steel or you may prefer the optional black oxide finish.

This multi-tool survival knife comes with over 10 different tools: Scissors, an awl, a bottle opener, can opener, 1/4″ socket drive, a 3 sided file, a large screwdriver, philips screwdriver, wire cutter, wire crimper and it has a ruler on the handle. As cheap knives go, the SOG Power Lock knife should be more than adequate to take camping, fishing or hiking.

Wrap Up & Final Thoughts:

Not all cheap knives are of good enough quality for wilderness survival. They are used for a multitude of tasks so you will want one that will last. The three cheap knives described above should serve you well and they are affordable. They are, however, not all manufactured in the United States. As you shop for a survival knife, be sure the handle is not hollow.

It should have a quality steel rod that extends through the handle. A non slip grip is essential as is a lanyard hole. Be sure to look for a strong handle that won’t loosen up after continual use.

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